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List of Recent Publication


1.             Effect of deposition time on Lead Selenide thermoelectric thin films prepared by Chemical bath deposition technique  

          Sharmistha Anwar, M. Pattnaik, BK Mishra, Shahid Anwar, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing (2015-Inpress).


2.             Spray pyrolysis deposited tin selenide thin films for thermoelectric applications

          Sharmistha Anwar, S Gowthamaraju, BK Mishra, SK Singh, Shahid Anwar, Materials Chemistry and Physics (2015-Inpress).


3.             Investigations on structural, optical and thermoelectric parameters of spray deposited bismuth selenide thin films with different substrate temperature

          Sharmistha Anwar, Shahid Anwar, BK Mishra, S kumar Singh, Materials Chemistry and Physics 148 (1), 230-235, 2014.


4.             Core–Shell Prussian Blue Analogue Molecular Magnet Mn1.5 [Cr (CN) 6]· m H2O@ Ni1. 5 [Cr (CN) 6]·n H2O for Hydrogen Storage

          P Bhatt, S Banerjee, Sharmistha Anwar, MD Mukadam, SS Meena, SM Yusuf,  ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (20), 17579-17588, 2014.


5.             Synthesis and Characterization of Bismuth Selenide Thin Films by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique

          Sharmistha Anwar, Shahid Anwar, BK Mishra, Advanced Science Letters 20 (3-4), 854-856, 2014.


6.             A study of diamond like carbon/chromium films deposited by microwave plasma activated chemical vapor deposition

          S Sahoo, SK Pradhan, M Jeevitha, Sharmistha Bagchi, PK Barhai,  Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 386, 14-18, 2014.


7.             Root growth of TiO2 nanorods by sputtering

          SS Pradhan, SK Pradhan, Sharmistha Bagchi, PK Barhai, Journal of Crystal Growth 330 (1), 1-4, 2013.


8.             Characterization of thermally stable W/Ni multilayers by X-rays and Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy.

          Sharmistha Bagchi and N. P. Lalla: “Thin Solid Films” 515, 5227 (2007).


9.             Effects of swift heavy ion irradiation and thermal annealing on the immiscible W/Ni multilayer structure.

          Sharmistha Bagchi, S. R. Potdar, F. Singh and N. P. Lalla:  “Journal of Applied Physics” 102, 074310 (2007).


10.         Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopic study of irradiation induced nano-crystallization of nickel in W/Ni multilayer.  

          Sharmistha Bagchi and N. P. Lalla:  “Journal of Physics Condens Matter” 20, 235202 (2008).


11.         Thickness dependent effect of swift-heavy ion-irradiation in W/Ni Superlattice multilayers.

          Sharmistha Bagchi, F. Singh, D. K. Avasthi and N. P. Lalla:  “Journal of Physics D Applied Physics” 42, 145414 (2009).


12.          Swift heavy ion irradiation study on Fe/W multilayer structure.

          Sharmistha Bagchi, Shahid Anwar and N. P. Lalla: Applied surface science 256, 541-546 (2009).


13.         Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation in W/Co multilayer structures.

          Sharmistha Bagchi, Shahid Anwar and N. P. Lalla: Nuclear Instruments and Methods Phys. Rev. Sec. B  268, 1601-1606 (2010).


14.          Structural and magnetic study of swift heavy ion irradiated Fe/W multilayer structure.

          Sharmistha Bagchi, S. Jani, Shahid Anwar, N. Lakshmi and N. P. Lalla : J. Mag. Mag. Materials 322, 3851-3856 (2010).


15.         Swift heavy ion irradiation effect on nanometer range W/Fe multilayers.

          Sharmistha Bagchi, N. P. Lalla, S. Jani and N. Lakshmi : AIP- proceedings 1276, 107-113 (2010).


16.         Evidence of thickness dependent stability of  nanometer range W/Ni multilayers against swift heavy ion irradiation.

          Sharmistha Bagchi, Shahid Anwar and N. P. Lalla: International Journal of nanoscience 10, 99-103 (2011).